Based in Scotland, I am a motion designer by profession, an artist due to passion; and a creator at heart. I do 2D motion graphics and animation; explainer videos; corporate and commercial content for social media. I’m fascinated by motion design and excited by the power of its impact through digital media. When I am not exploring the limits of Adobe products, I sketch, paint, restore furniture and just try to push my creative spirit to greater heights.

I started my career as a self-taught graphic designer and I have discovered through my work that animation is what makes my heart beat faster. In July 2020 I completed the Created Motion Design professional course in London. During this exciting year I gained experience by working on briefs for Puma, Mainframe, Glug and Framestore. Having a sociology degree and experience as a coach helps me understand my audience and clients’ expectations better. I am a reliable and self-driven professional; always eager for new projects and challenges; easy going and positive. 

If you have an exciting project you want to discuss, please get in touch.